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Broken Arrow Keys – Ubuntu 10.10

March 21, 2011

This solution comes from this blog entry.

After installing Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) in a VMWare Fusion virtual machine on a MacBook Pro, I noticed the arrow keys were were broken in Ubuntu. It turned out that the Fusion install wizard had configured the keyboard to use evdev, which did not work correctly inside the VM. The solution is to reconfigure the keyboard by running the following command:

# dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

To navigate the setup program without the arrow keys, I pressed the first letter of the desired option (eg. “a” for Apple Laptop), then pressed the right command key to cycle downwards through the list. The configuration options that I chose were:

  • Apple Laptop for keyboard
  • UK as origin of keyboard
  • UK as keyboard layout
  • No AltGr
  • No Compose key
  • Enter for the rest of the defaults.

The arrow keys work fine now.

You will have to experiment if you are having trouble with other keyboards.


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