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Internet & Network Services – COMP7011

This module is focused on the study of advanced system and network administration topics for the Linux/Unix operating systems. Topics explored and implemented will include the setup and maintenance of many of the most popular network services including servers for DNS, LDAP, Web (HTTP, HTTPS), FTP, SMB (Windows networking), and email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP). Special attention is paid to the concepts needed to implement these services securely and to the troubleshooting skills that will be necessary for real-world administration of these internet and network services.

Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology is recognised and respected as a progressive educational institution and has consistently shown leadership in education within Ireland. It has long been characterised by its talented and diverse student body and its highly sought after graduates. Students enjoy a choice of programmes and courses at all award levels and in disciplines such as engineering, science and computing, business and humanities, nautical studies, visual and performing arts. The academic curriculum is complemented by a supportive, friendly, student-centred environment which promotes academic achievement and personal and social development. The professional and dedicated staff members are committed to the highest standards; they are dynamic and outward looking and are engaged in continued professional development. The Institute has a general culture of innovation and is responsive to economic and social needs regionally, nationally and internationally. CIT makes a unique contribution to the social, cultural and sporting life of the community through its sponsorship of, and involvement in, a range of activities and events.

CIT offers a wide variety of undergraduate and post-graduate courses in a range of fields of study covering engineering, science, business, humanities, nautical studies, art, design and music. You can use the courses link to find details on the full range of courses offered by CIT.

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